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1. which singer are you Buddy mymoamine
2. What kind of Tori fan are you? Buddy oxygen_admin
3. Who's Your Celebrity Sex Mate? (male version) Buddy melanie103173
4. Who is your true celebrity crush? Buddy tabbyhamster
5. HOW MUCH DO YOU KNOW ABOUT JOHNNY DEPP?comment please!!!(AMAZING PICS) Buddy amaroq_nightshade
6. Who is your celebrity soul mate? (for girls only) Buddy fmsfashionguru
7. Do you need braces????? Buddy PopQu33n
8. Are u Paris Hilton Buddy U2girl
9. how celebrity are you? (girls only) Buddy mizrandom1001
10. What color are you? Buddy sweetestvretas
11. which rockstar are YOU?!?! Buddy dude631
12. Which Celebrity Girl Are You? Find Out When You Take This Quiz! Buddy Metrumeleon
13. You're Celebrity Soulmate (just for girls, or gays) PICS! Buddy skippthe4play
14. What Celebrity are you?989 Buddy honey92292
15. What celebrity Is Right For You?(girls only) Buddy TMleonardoNT
16. Which celebrity do you think should be the next President/ Prime Minister? Buddy shinky
17. What Celeb? Buddy Yoruichi272
18. what celebrity attiutude do you have Buddy joeygrace
19. Which Britney R U Buddy AmericasNextTopBeautiful
20. Are You A TRUE Eminem Fan? Buddy pippinbloom
21. hu is ur celebrity twin? Buddy angel8ren
22. Which Female Celeb is Your SweetHeart Buddy AishaKillz
23. Who is you Celebrity Soulmate(girls ONly) Buddy peteizmyobsession
24. Where is the best place for you? Buddy emeraldRain
25. Are you like megan mullally? Buddy meganmullallyaddict
26. Hvem kjendis ligner du på?xD Buddy Andrearainbow
27. Which guy celeb is for you? (Girls) Buddy monkeypiano
28. Who is your dream celebrity boyfriend? Buddy neonpony1919
29. Which Celeb Do Are u most like? Buddy Nitrogas
30. Which older celeb (guy) should you date? Buddy iluvoldermen
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